Sorry, this is really long, thanks for reading to those who do.

I am pretty sure that I have a dysthymic disorder. I have seen 2 different therapists but had not stuck with them as I didn't feel bad enough.

So now I've gotten worse and am kind of wondering if I'm not headed for a major depressive episode.

I go to the Dr. tomorrow, but I haven't had her for a very long time & am not sure that she'll believe me when I tell her the thoughts/feelings I'm having.

Also, I've read that dysthymia is best treated with a combo of meds & therapy, but I'm wondering if the meds are really necessary, and for how long? I've been on Celexa before, but all it did was make me have more dreams and feel a little less anxious.

Usually I am "empty," not "down." Lately I have seemed to be more down and have thought about ways to shuffle off of this "mere mortal coil." (I would not actually do that, as I would feel bad for the family and cat I would leave behind). I just feel like there's no other way out of this. That's why I'm wondering if I'm not headed for a major depressive episode.

I don't have much money & my insurance doesn't cover psychologists (except in certain instances), but I feel like I need someone to talk to more than I need meds. Also, I'm interested in trying more holistic approaches such as qigong. So should I be shelling out the money to pay for meds, or not? They don't really solve anything unless you have a true chemical imbalance (I'm not sure I do, though there is depression in my family history), & I view meds as more as a bandaid, they aren't going to solve my problems, they are just going to mask things.

Any thoughts?


2571 days ago
Hi onlyrain - usually meds and therapy is the best treatment plan, in addition to a healthy balanced lifestyle. Many depressions are caused by a chemical imbalance and meds can help with that. Do you ever have any high periods or just a general low mood? We can't speculate whether you do have dysthymic disorder, since we're not doctors plus it's online. Discuss your concerns with your doctor and don't close the door on medication options. Here's some info from the PC site:


2571 days ago
It's mostly just a general low mood. I'm just wondering if it really would be a chemical imbalance because dysthymia can be caused by many contributing factors...and there's not an actual way to test for a chemical imbalance & get concrete proof.