What do we do? Our daughter has told us her thought of wanting to stab us in our sleep with scissors. She doesn't like her bedtime of 8 nor any of our simple rules. When it is time, she always has "secrets" to tell us. It could be something from 2 years ago or yesterday. It is not as simple as trying to stay up later...it's more than that. I would like some advise on how to handle this situation.


2948 days ago
My sister was the same as your daughter. If I remember correctly my Mother went and talked to a therapist, and so did my sister, and after time my sister "Kristin", developed other mental problems, so she was hospitialized. She is now 18 years old though, and suffers from bi-polar, paroniod schizophrenia, and post-dramatic stress disorder. If I were you, I would defiantly talk to a therapist.

2944 days ago
Seems like all the previous answers were deleted accidentally. At least I feel okay knowing you read them.