My b/f of 6 months is going through a divorce,stated that he will never marry again. He took marriage very seriously and thought he picked well.He says he loves me more than he has ever loved anyone, I wonder about his statement though. Is this just a part of grieving, will he change his mind-whats up with that?


3104 days ago
It seems like hes not yet to move on from his marriage that didnt really work out. Maybe some day he will be ready to marry again

3103 days ago
The man I am going to marry said the same thing a while back. In fact, I said it too. We were both married before and, when we first started seeing each, marriage was the last thing on our minds. However, after being together for 3 years now, we plan on getting married soon. I think your man just isn't ready to make a commitment yet. He's still going through the process of dealing with his divorce. Give him time. It's too soon for him to be thinking about marriage at this point. He needs time to heal. Just be there for him and love him. If the two of you truly love each other, a time will come when he's ready to get married again. My best to you.

3103 days ago
It sounds like he's been hurt and feels sour towards marriage. I would accept what he's says and don't assume he'll change. But he may change later who knows. I don't think he's healed from the previous relationship. Just be supportive and enjoy each other for now. Bella.

3103 days ago
I agree with the other posters, but it has been only 6 months, too. I mean, maybe it will change soon.

Could he be hurting still? Yes, he could. I think it just will take some time.



3102 days ago
I was married for 25 years until my husband died in 1997. I did not even date for over 2 years. I dated a few different guys - but I liked being "settled". I hit it off very well with the 5th guy I dated, fell in love quickly. He had been widowed for over 10 years, but had a daughter from hell. She was grown - but was in control of his life. By and by I told him - I do not want to get married again. He said his faith would not allow a "live together" forever relationship and I relented. Big mistake. I should have listened to myself - and you should listen to your boyfriend. If he says no to marriage, you need to respect his sentiments. He may change his mind at some point - but you need to be prepared for a no marriage situation. I will tell you one thing - I will never remarry.

3100 days ago
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