I have a friend, Kareem, age 19, who I believe has completely lost his mind. He's acting completely different then he use to when he was normal. Kareem comes from a family of 8. His sister is the oldest and then he has 5 brothers of which he is the second youngest. In their family there's a lot of screaming and yelling and violence that goes on that everyone in the family seems to have adapted to. There's definitely been plenty of violence in his life and that's probably why he's so aggressive now. He acts strange when he's around a lot of people but when your alone with him and you try to talk to him he doesn't hear a word you say and sometimes he sits there in silence and randomly starts laughing as if he's listening to someone else. Or if you look away for a little while, you can notice him starring at you from the corner of your eye and when you turn to look at him he'll make eye contact but then quickly turn his head and if you continue starring at him a little longer he'll turn around get pissed and yell "What!?". He's usually really disrespectful but is completely oblivious to it. For example, he'll walk right into to someone's house without knocking, he ashes on the floor spits where he wants when you raise your voice he snaps out of his trance and apologizes and then not even a minute later he's doing the same thing again. Also, he's very persistent especially when it comes to hanging out with people, he comes to my door about twice a day and calls me sometimes up to 8 times a day and he apparently does this to everyone he knows or had known in his life, which isn't that many people, most of them live in my neighbourhood. His mother (The parents are divorced) kicked him out of the house after he hit her with a large plastic spoon used to mix salad and apparently this hadn't been the first time he's hit her. He hits her because he believes it's his house, at least that's what he said that day. During this particular event Kareem's mother made a big dinner since there were a few people coming over. This is the list of the people at the table: All of the brothers were there except for the oldest one (He's usually never around), the sister and the mom. Then there was me, Amir's wife, Kristina (Amir is the third brother) and Arnold (Kristina's brother), so it was a little more crowded then usual. As we began eating we noticed Kareem just walking around the table picking up food with his hands and then just standing there he'd eat it and then reach in for more. At one point he picked up the spoon in the salad bowl and was about to eat right off the spoon, his mom noticed this and grabbed him by the arm and said no and the moment she put a hand on him he mercilessly back handed her and broke the spoon off her face. Amir jumped across the table and they immediately started fighting and the whole time they were fighting Kareem was saying "Watch my sweater!" and "I didn't do anything!". Everything escalated from there, his mom called the police, the police came took him away and she pressed charges. Kareem went to jail for 2 days and by the third day his mom gets a call saying that they are releasing her son meanwhile trying to persuade her to let her son back in the house. Apparently Kareem spoke to someone at the station and they came to the conclusion that there was nothing wrong with him. Later we found out that he told the police a completely different story and how all he wanted to do was apologize. So even after all this no one believed that there was anything wrong with him and most of the authoritative figures that spoke to his mom were on Kareem's side. The day he was out he came straight to the house and raised hell for them to let him in screaming that this is his house. As soon as his mom threatened to call the police again he ran away. Since then his sister has got him his own place, pays his rent but he keeps coming around the neighbourhood constantly trying to get people to come hang out with him but most people are intimidated being around him so everyone constantly make excuses why they can't but this doesn't slow him down in the least, he just becomes more persistent.

I have know idea what could be wrong with him but he looks like he's out of it. Any suggestions from someone with professional experience would be greatly appreciated.


2263 days ago
Hi - are you a member of this family through marriage?? Recent studies support - brain development can be affected if children are raised in violent/traumatic homes. We can't offer any diagnosis since we're not doctors and this is online. The sister who got him the apartment should see if she can convince him to go to the doctors, to get an evaluation done. She should go with him, since he probably won't be offering information. I hope he'll get the right help.

2263 days ago
No I'm not a member of this family, I'm a close friend of the family, Amir is my best friend and I hung out with his two younger brothers a lot too, including Kareem and the way I remember Kareem is nothing like how he is now, he used to be a very shy, polite kid, he didn't always know when to do the right thing but he always tried to do something good when he remembered. His sister had tried to take him to the hospital many times and it was very difficult to get him to go before and now it's almost impossible and if you tell him he's not well he gets irritated quickly. When this problem first started to arise, before the violence toward his mom, the family took him to the hospital and they said that his problem is psychological not mental. But the mother can't afford a Psychiatrist so the whole situation has been in limbo since then. He's medicated I believe but it doesn't seem to help at all.