Forgive me, but this is not a short post. Thank you for reading and/or helping me in advance.

Currently, I am a junior at the University of Kansas who just transferred here last semester. For the last 2 years I attended a community college, I began to lose interest in school, and obviously, my grades suffered...tremendously. (I used to make As and Bs in high school) This loss in interest stemmed from many factors, originally because the amount of free time I had in college and foolishly abusing it, not developing sufficient study-skills and so on. As college started, I lost interest in performing well academically and it only kept getting worse. What I think is odd is the fact that, in spite of my grades, I love going to school, not to see people, but to learn. I grasp lecture notes very easily -- it's just finding the motivation to get started on my homework that's the biggest issue.

As a result of my poor grades, I am now on Academic Probation (with a .94 GPA), so it is too late to fix most aspects of my past grades. I've realized this, and I've realized the repercussions I am now suffering and I want to make an effort to change. I've recently looked into staying at KU for graduate school and I've become more and more intersted in it every day, but I assume this won't be possible for me either, right?

Regardless of how many classes I take, I have noticed that I need better organization skills, not to mention the ability to get on task when it comes to classwork. (I get distracted by things I want to do; some of which are actually productive, but distracting nonetheless) I want to buy Cal Newport's book "How to Become a Straight-A Student," since it covers study skills used by successful college students. But I tend to resist change, especially when it keeps me from doing what I want to do.

Some of my target goals for the next few years include (but are not limited to): getting a good semester and overall GPA in college, getting out of Academic Probation, participating in more extracurricular / volunteer activities, and trying to find opportunities to do research in my field (Anthropology), though with my current grades, this last one won't be possible.

Seeing as I hear so many things about how participating in research activities (or extracurricular) will positively affect my college experience and possibly my motivation to boost my GPA, I realized that I need to find a way to get involved with it all. I am an Anthropology major, but I suffer from Asperger's Syndrome, but nonetheless, I am willing to do MUCH better this semester, but I always have these underlying doubts about my own abilities, especially when I start thinking about my past failures and how much psychological damage I may have caused myself. Does someone know how I can start on such an endeavor?

P.S.: does anyone have any techniques for dealing with classwork-associated stress and deep procrastination, and possible study skills? I'm not looking for criticism, nor advice suggesting I drop out or even taking an 'academic vacation.' And about money, my parents are paying for my education, and with them being very successful (despite them not having gone to college at all), paying for KU was very easy for them to do. I am aware of my mistakes and I'm wanting advice on how to correct it and some words of encouragement. Thank you.


2652 days ago
Let me clarify something, since I may have contradicted myself somewhere:

I said I lost interested in school -- that was before I transferred to KU. During the fall term, I began enjoying school again, despite that I couldn't make the grades as usual. My interests for school has gone back up, but my grades haven't. Also, KU policy states that if I get a semester GPA of over 2.0, but my overall GPA still remains < 2.0, I still stay at KU. I'm just wondering how long it might take to get it up to KU standards.

2652 days ago
hi, i'm in my 2nd year of college majoring in international relations and i know what your feeling. i started getting C's and D's in 11th grade because it didn't matter to me anymore. that's when i found out i had depression but i did manage to get into a good college and did great my 1st year. this year has been a lot harder and i couldn't keep up because i was so distracted and felt defeated. i ended up getting a D in stats which killed my GPA and i'll lose my scholarship if i don't bring it up this semester and then i have no idea how i can pay for college. I'm already sucking my family dry as it is so i'm going hard core and doing my work before anything no matter what! no more facebook lol. you remind a lot of my brother especially since he majored in anthropolpgy. my brother is really smart he just never did the work and was very unorganized but he made it through college. he doesn't have a job doing anything with anthropology yet but he's going to grad school when he finds the money. I'm the queen of organization so i gut you don't worry. As far as aspergers goes i work with the two cutest twins who have it. it may put you at a social disadvantage, if you're not as cute as the twins, but they are the smartest people i know so i have no doubt in you're ability to do the work. So to answer your question, you're only a failure if that's what you chose to be but obviously you're already trying to change that. I know it can be hard i felt the same way i cried to my mom that i was a failure. I basically cried the whole semester but i kept going. Tomorrows my first day back and i intend to start it off right :)