my husband and I have been married for 18 years. I knew him for two weeks before he moved away. we stayed in touch for a little while then he stopped writing. then one night he called and a week later my dad took the family to texas and we picked him up and three days later I was married because my father wanted me to marry him...

little did I know that my husband was a recovering alcoholic. he drank for the first 7 years of our marriage.he was in and out of jail and he beat me often. we had two daughters that are 17 and 15 now...he stopped drinking about 10 years ago and things were pretty good. now he is back to drinking again and even thought I told him that I didn't want him to drink he does anyway. he even went as far as to tell me that his drinking is my fault because I refuse to go to church with him...our daughters have also tried to tell him how they feel about his drinking and begged him to stop but he doesn't care about anything but his alcohol..he doesn't beat me anymore but he is still very mentally abusive... should I leave him? or am I being to dramatic?


3203 days ago
Hi Cathyr,

has your husband ever gone through an AAA program? I think you should get out of this situation if he doesn't agree to get in a treatment program. By own brother was an alcoholic for 30yrs with a wife/daughter. He unfortunately passed a year and 2 months ago from alcohol poisoning(suicide). You should also join an alanon support group for you and your children. I don't think you're being dramatic or unreasonable. Best of luck to you.

3203 days ago
I think you should leave him and tell him that you will return once he gets his drinking and abuse under control. I usually don't give such strong advice, but I think situations like these are hard to pull out of any other way because there is a strong addiction, not just to alcohol, but to abuse and the make-up that follows it. He's got a lot of pain and anguish that he has to work out, mainly, by being kind to himself when it arises, rather than turning to drinking and abuse/"love".

Good luck and be very safe. Have a friend help you through the process.

3203 days ago
I too think you should leave him. Definitely till he gets his drinking gone or under control or not at all. There is a huge addiction there, pain, and other things he needs to work through before he can even get better.

You need to be out of there so you can get better, too.