My parents and I have been in an argument for a long time over where I go to high school. I'm smart, I have straight A's and am 2 years ahead of my grade in math. However, I want to go to my local public high school.
I've gone to public school pretty much all my life (I lived in europe when I was really young and attended international schools there) and I see nothing wrong with it. My public school system is one of the best in the state, and the school is like 200th in the country, which is not that bad. Plus, every single one of my friends is going, and its not that easy to make new friends in high school, especially when you've known your friends since 2nd grade like I have.
However, my parents are trying to force me to go to the international academy. But there are several things I don't like about it. First of all, you have no electives. You pick a language, and thats it. I really enjoy engineering technology and art, but there is no chance I could do that. (did I mention my local high school has 5 pages of electives, plus they have trimesters, so I could try out more.) Also, I wouldn;t be able to get the full high school experience, which I feel is very important in my life. Like I wouldn't be able to have all those special memories, because IA doesn';t do that!
However, you have to win a lottery to get in, and then pass a test. I know I can pass the test, because both my sisters passed and attend (from what they say, i dont wanna go.)
And if I don't pass the lottery, they have started looking into these fancy expensive private schools in our area. I don't want to go to private school, nor have I ever, and I don;t know if my parents would be able to afford it. That might sound good, but that could mean dipping into our savings instead, which I don't want them to do. We wouldn't qualify for financial aid, but my parents have 4 kids, all who have to go through college and get married. And those schools sound so rigorous and intense, I don't want that!
And when I try to tell my parents all this, they say I'm too young to understand and they get to make the decision. What do you think I should do? And please don't just say my parents know what they're talking about and I don't, because this affects ME, not them! How do I get this through to them. They say they're not giving me a choice. Help me!


2764 days ago

have your parents given you reasons as to why they don't want you going to your local public high school?

2764 days ago
They think I will get a better education there. I think that its not true, becasue the local high school has had many successful graduates, and it should be about more than just academics.

2764 days ago
Do your sisters like going to the International Academy and did they object going there when they 1st started? All you can do is try your best but since you're under age, ultimately they can decide. Sit down with them and make a pros and cons list.

2764 days ago
I guess the primary issue here is whether or not your parents are willing to hear your views and consider the option of the local high school

if not, then nomatter how you feel or what we say, it isn't going to change anything

I do personally feel that parents should be willing to listen and even yield when the overall situation is important to their child and not going to bring anything potentially detrimental. A large part of being successful at school involves how one feels about the environment. many of the public high schools actually have a far superior standard of education and opportunities than some private schools do. Just because a school is expensive and exclusive does not assure a good education and often some of the other students are not nearly as easy to get along with!

My sons had experience with private and public schools and I have only good things to say about our local high school!

but, at the end of it all, it is your parents who are going to make this decision and so, whatever happens, the best way forward for you is to make the best of it!

2763 days ago
Good luck with this...I have to say, how about this? I would tell my parents that I would try the Academy for a year to see how I liked it...then if you don't like it for legitimate reasons, discuss moving on to the local high school.

Coming from a local high school background, I would have loved to have the opportunity to take the estracurriculars that academies offer. You may like it...I think it might be worth a try.