I have a problem remembering people's faces. Not just new people but people I see everyday. I can sometimes not even remember my families faces which whom I see daily. I cannot remember especially family who has passed away (mother, grandparents, aunts etc.).

When I meet someone new, even when spending hours on end with them, I cannot remember their faces a few minutes after they walk away.

I also have difficulty remembering memories. (I don't know if this may help you narrow down the name of the disorder)

My professor told me a name for this as she knows someone who has the same problem. She told me it was a psychological disorder and I figured maybe someone on this website might know the name of it.


3402 days ago
This disorder is probably prosopagnosia, also known as face-blindness. It is a neurological problem that impairs the way you process and remember faces. Most peoples' brains are "wired" to notice and remember human faces; but some people lack this specialized ability and have to rely on their ability to recognize and remember objects in general. I have moderate prosopagnosia: I remember family members' faces and get a vague sense of "I know them, but I can't place them" from people I have known a very long time. I explain it by saying, "I'm really horrible at remembering faces. Please don't be offended if I have to ask your name again." Most people will understand that, because it is very much like being bad at remembering names.

3402 days ago
Most people who have prosopagnosia have memory loss that is specific to faces. If you're suffering with other kinds of memory loss, it might have a different cause.

3400 days ago
Sounds like they both know what they are talking about to me. It is not always a disorder if you cannot do it "all the time" per se. I would check it out with a doctor to see what they say.