My boyfriend of 3 years has been very distant the past 6 months. Over the past 2 months we havent had sex at all, the past 6 months, maybe 3 times. We used to have sex 3 times a week at least. Over the past 2 months hes only come on to me twice and that was when i was sleeping and he rubbed up against my bare but again to cum. I haven't gained any weight or changed too much. I have been open when it comes to sex. I'm 5'3", 105lbs. Whats wrong with me?


3380 days ago
Well, it dosn't sounds like it's YOUR fault. It sounds like maby somethings up with him that he dosnt want to have sex. You say that he "comes on to you", have you ever thought about maby coming on to him? Maby he's asking the same thing about you? Decreased sex can be a sign of depression. I'm not saying thats what he has but it can be, perhaps you should ask if he's feeling okay. Do something fun to increase the sex drive (toys, romantic eventing, cloths, fun sexual games ex.) Maby straight up ask him weather or not he's lost his pleasure and why. Also, being 5'3 and 105lbs dosnt sounds very healthy, I'm 5'2 and 120, which is a perfect weight for me. It almost sounds like you should gain weight.

3376 days ago
Why do you think it is your fault?

If he cant and doesnt have sex with you, it is not your fault, it is his. You seem to want to do so.

Communicate with him a bit and see what is going on. It is possible he isnt interested in sex now that you two have been together for awhile (he has become way too comfortable), so try and spice it up a bit.

It could be that he is tired (not too likely). It could even be another person, but I would definitely ask him and communicate how you feel before you decide.



3168 days ago
I'm sorry to say this but if the sex is this bad no, it isn't going to get any better. I don't even think counseling will suffice because he is showing you who he really is and people don't generally change. I would reconsider the relationship and move on. You are young, have no children and a healthy libido if you continue to remain in this relationship eventually you will become depressed, resentful with a wounded ego. It isn't worth it. I am married and have always had a very healthy sexual appetite and am married to a man who never reaches for me. After months of constant rejection, I decided to move on. My self esteem was shattered and I didn't want to fall into a deeper depression so I am now trying to mend my self together. This is not your fault there is definitely something your bf is going through but aside from the lack of sex there also seems to be a lack of communication which is crucial in a relationship. I would say cut your losses and move on. Take care and good luck.