I use to wear men's bikini style underwear before I met my wife and since 2 years ago I started to try on and wear my step daughters panties, in which she is alright with it. I also went out and bought some of the same ones she wears for myself. I still do wear women's panties to include her's. I almost became devorced when wife found out. I still wear her panties in secret. Is it ok to wear woman's panties as well as my step daughter's?


heart breaker
3017 days ago
can i ask why you like wearing them?

and what do you get out of wearing your step daughters?

.. =/ ..,


3017 days ago
I think wearing your step daughters panties is very wrong. BUT it's known that some men do like to wear womens underwear and this would be called a fetish. I also think someting is definately wrong, if your step daughter goes along with this and I don't blame your wife for being upset. If you want to wear women's panties that's fine, but stay away from your step daughter and her underwear.

After reading your other question, I think you and your wife need to think about marriage counselling. Your focus should be on your wife, not thinking about your step daughter in a sexual way. Your step daughter also needs boundaries and shouldn't be giving her underwear to others.

3017 days ago
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3017 days ago
Hi rmes,

there are some men who like to wear women's clothes and have a sexual interest in wearing the clothes. In other words these people are sexually aroused by wearing these clothes. This could be the category of person that you fall into. It seems like you are having problems with this and you fear that your wife might find out. This is understandable, and many men are similar to yourself, living a life of secret. But keeping it a secret is not only difficult for you, but it not fair on your wife, as she would want to know. She might also be very disturbed that you have included her daughter in all of this.

There is often a lot of shame experienced by men, who do this. I think it would help if you found a therapist to talk through your issues with, so that the therapist can help you process this, and find a way to speak to your wife about what is happening.

I hope this helps

3016 days ago
I don't see any issue with wearing women's panties, but I think it is very wrong to wear your stepdauther's. What would your wife think of you wearing panties that were not her daughter's? Did you ever wear women's panties when you were growing up? How old is your stepdaughter?

wendi nance
3015 days ago