Okay so I am a 20 year old female and I am in crisis I am not going to hurt my self but I am on the edge. I was diagnosed with Dysthymia when I was 14 and it just got worse from there. I have no job I just dropped out of college for the 3rd time and I am basically homeless. I am living with my aunt (Also she does not believe in mental issues and is very upset with me because of mine) and this is my last chance before I am put out on the streets. I feel empty, flat, and without purpose. All I do all day is lay in the bed and cry, and when I'm not crying I'm doing meaningless things like playing computer games to distract my self form my anxieties and emotions. I don't know what to do I can't keep living this way I pray and pray trying to do something, but I don't know what to do. I really really need help, but I have no income and I can't even find the energy to get out of bed probably because I have insomnia caused by my depression. If someone has any information that can help me please tell me.

Thank you.


2017 days ago
Hi. I know what you are feeling. It's hard I know. Been there. Though you're going through a hard time, think of this darling, you are complete, you are able to speak, cry cause you have eyes to see, feel, legs and knowledge to read and write. You are FORTUNATE. It's just that you are in a phase where you need comfort, where you need purpose and do that. Cry after that, stand up and work on your problems. Nothing will happen if you stay on that stage. Prove that you are one of the people that can overcome your weaknesses. Instead of crying and laying on the bed, clean the house, go jog and try sports. Instead of playing try online jobs, you will earn money too. Need to talk, chat and help our fellow psy central buddies here. It's not easy I know but LIFE IS A CHOICE. Choose to live because you are complete. These are just trials, and remember that crying doesn't make you weak - refusing to fight does. So cry and let it out then wipe that sad face and be strong, face the world. There are so many beautiful things waiting to happen... =D

2017 days ago
Hi - I'm sorry you're feeling very depressed. What treatments are you currently receiving, such as medication or therapy? Its very important that you get some professional help. I'm not sure living with an Aunt who doesn't empathize with your mental issues is the right place for you.

One thing you can start doing is, force yourself to start exercising - this can help with your mood. I understand its hard to motivate yourself but make it part of your routine. How many credits do you need before you graduate? Do you like what you're studying? The important thing is to get stable and then come up with small solutions to get you on the right track life wise.