I love my wife and kid. i have been struggling with my sex life with my wife. i have no problem with erection. When try to make love with my wife, i lost the sex drive feeling therefore could not get an erection. I think my problem have to do with spychology, definitely have to do with my head. Is there anything i can do to spark that sex drive i usual to have with my wife again?


2534 days ago
Hi Khaunhoang - this kind of problem can have many causes and sometimes complicated. It can be psychological or physical and sometimes both. How long have you been married, how old are you and how when did this start? If this is after the birth of a baby, sometimes stress from having a new baby and a shift in thinking - for example you might be thinking 'my wife's now a mom' and this can take some adjustment - before she was just your lover. Watching too much porn can also affect one's sex life - this may not apply to you.

I'll wait for your answers on those questions. You can both try a different routine and spice things up a bit. When it happens, try not to worry and just go back to foreplay and pleasuring your wife until you're okay again - there's nothing wrong with stopping for a little while, rather than giving up and feeling discouraged. What you want to avoid is stressing too much, since this will make it worse. If it doesn't get better, then please don't hesitate to consult your doctor -this is a common problem and no need to feel embarrassed.