Have another question here that I need advise on. I have the contraception implanon implant and have had it since August 2009, During that year I have gained a stone, I see that I have put weight on my stomuch mostly, hips, arms, face legs everywhere really and it really bothers me. I used to be a size 8 and have a nice natural slim body, now I'm trying to come to terms I'm a size 10/12 and I'm just flabby now it really puts me down. I have tryed exercising alot and watched what I ate and put myself on a diet since I started seeing the change around march of this year. I knew there was a side effect to the implant that it could cause weight gain but didnt think it would really happen. My weight just wont shift no matter what I do and cant stand how unattracked I feel and I hate having my boyfriend see me naked now. I'm only 19 so of course I dont want to start getting bigger just yet.

But I have to admit the implanon inplant has worked wonders, I like it how it has protected me from getting pregnant and it stops me having cramps, I occasionally get a period maybe once every 3 months and only lasts upto two days and its not even a heavy flow so its great having it that way, think myself lucky having it that way as my friend has the implant to and the bleeds constantly. But again its my weight I'm not happy about and want it removed so I can try shrink back down again, not looking forward to my period catching up with me though and craps which I heard it does when you get it removed, but it really has worked from getting me pregnant and would love to keep it in for that reason but I'm not happy about my weight at all gets me so down.

Should I leave it in to avoid getting pregnant and deal with my weight or should I get it removed to try and slim myself down and get self confidence back?


2753 days ago

this really is something you need to discuss with your doctor.

I guess you have to decide whether the benefits of the implant are greater than the unwanted weight gain. Only you can truly decide that, and then your doctor can help you make an informed decision on this or an alternative

2753 days ago
Hi Jem, as you get older your body will change shape anyway. You sound happy with your implant other than the side-effect of the weight gain. Acceptable, or rather non-acceptable shape and weight is often our own concept of how others perceive us to be. I do not see how you could call yourself flabby if you are only a size 10/12!

Speaking from personal preference, I prefer a woman to be quite shapely – for instance I like Beyonce – I consider her to be quite slim, but very shapely! I think being very slightly larger than you used to be may not be a bad thing, don’t you think that a size 8 was a bit too slim? Anyway, that is only my own opinion; beauty and what is considered to be sexy is personal preference.

Try not to get hung-up on your slight difference in size, if you’re happy and the benefits of having your implant mean that you are protected from getting pregnant, reduce menstrual cramps, do the benefits not out-weigh the side-effects? Only you can answer that one of course.

There are alternative means of contraception, but the one you are using is very convenient. As Chemar suggested, your doc will be able to give you an informed choice of suitable alternatives if you are not happy.

Jem – don’t be so hard on yourself!

Best wishes :)