The recession got me.

I am a 55 year old out of work accountant, behind on every bill including child support. No money to pay towards kids college costs (18 and 20) and just feel so hopeless.

I interview, get no where. I am just at my wits end.



2760 days ago

I know it is no consolation, but you are not alone, as so many people are out of work! Many are not restricting their applications to just their previous line of employment but applying for anything they feel they can do.

maybe make a list of alternative to accounting that you feel you can do and then start searching in those areas too.

hope you find something soon!

2760 days ago
I agree with Chemar - many people have/are going through terrible financial hardship including myself the last 3 yrs. I agree also, you should think out of the box. I want to share a funny story - there was a principle at my daughters school for 6 yrs. He retired mid point in the year. A few months later, I see him at the local grocery store, working in the florist area...I was totally surprised. I think he was sick of the pressure and I know his passion is gardening and flowers...he looks happy. So think outside the box and be willing to take any job for now.

Are you reducing your spending as much as possible? I shop for groceries at discount stores and buy only what I need and it has to be on sale. Your kids should be understanding of your circumstances and they can help by getting jobs. All you can do is your best, so don't blame yourself. Money isn't worth getting depressed over. I realize men equate a lot of their self worth to their job and earning potential but try not to think this way. I hope things improve.

2760 days ago
You're in the same boat as millions of people. It's not just you.

I actually think that money IS a good reason to get depressed. It causes a lot of stress and problems, and it's easy to understand how it's a huge deal. But, it's temporary. You're not the only one in this situation. And, it's not the end of the world. You're not the first person in this situation, nor the last or only one.

- Apply for unemployment and other benefits. Can you draw early s.s. or retirement benefits?

- Apply to every and any job for now, whether accounting or flipping fries or waiting tables or temping. Seriously. Money is money, and when the economy doesn't blow so hard, you'll be able to get back to your "real" profession. For now, you just need some income.

- As for child support, you might need to petition for lower/no payments or something. Your kids can apply for financial college aide, get a job themselves, or take student loans.

- Cut back now. Nix excessive expenses NOW, not later(pricey phone plans, cable, dining out, entertainment).

2759 days ago
I realize money problems ARE very stressful and can make a person depressed. There have been several murder/suicide and suicides in my country - so I was speaking from that angle...that lack of money and mounting finances aren't worth getting depressed.