I've been taking Ativan for many years but was having rebound anxiety during the day so my pdoc switched me to Clonazepam. I did find the Clonazepam better for anxiety however I cannot take it at night. Just can't sleep with it. I wake up every few hrs and have a hard time getting back to sleep. Tried this for 2 months and eventually have gone back to taking 1mg Ativan at night and 0.5mg Clonazepam during the day. Has anyone used both medications or has anyone used 2 benzodiazepines together?
Thanks for any advice.


2314 days ago
Hi - since we're not doctors/therapist we can't advise about medications - best to ask your doctor and pharmacist. Does your doctor know you're taking both together? One thing I know is, Ativan is addictive and meant for short term. You had trouble sleeping because your body was used to taking it. You will get the best advise on meds by asking your doctor. I'll give you links for each med and good luck: