Hey everyone,
I have an interview at a fast food place (mcdonalds) but I have a tattoo on my arm it's a heart design with my dads name on it with the date of birth & when he past away. Will they not hire me just when they see the tattoo? It's summer and I don't wanna wear a long sleeve shirt to an interview half the cute clothes I could wear to the interview show the tattoo. Is it okay to wear a shirt that shows the tattoo?


2811 days ago
You should wear a long sleeve button down shirt to the interview anyway. It makes you look reliable and it'll cover up your tattoo. Once you get hired and have been there for a few days, you can roll up your sleeves. They'll be less likely to fire you after they see you can work.

2811 days ago
No they won't. They don't care unless it's not appropriate

2810 days ago
Like Edahn, I think it is best to wear long sleeves to the interview. Find out what their policy is about tattoos showing and then if you are able to you can wear short sleeves once you are hired. I am unfamiliar with this company's policy on tattoos but where I work, it is against policy to show them, although my immediate boss does not care so unless a "big wig" is coming, then tattoos can show. Junie

2810 days ago
I agree with Edahn and Junie - don't show the tattoo. If you get the job ask them their policy about tattoos. Maybe the uniform shirt will cover it anyways. You want to get in the door 1st and have the best chance of getting the job - a tattoo showing may hinder your chances.