I have a few questions about my past. I think its weird i cant remember certain things bout my past... I feel as though i was molested. but do not remember anything of the such to that extreme happening. When i was 13 i was staying with my sister untill the school year was over. there was 3 instances to were i can remember him sneaking in the room i was in to touch me. no penetration was involved that i recall. but i always remember waking up kind of dazed out to a point i questioned if anything was really happening to me or was this jus my imagination. when i moved to GA over a period of time i met 3 friends that pretty much had a simular story. they were all sexually molested.... so that makes me think 1 or 2 things... ither god is trying to tell me something or hes trying to get me to help them. but i feel so empty. alot of things dont add up thats happen to me... i grew up jehovah witness, my mom is from haiti and my dads italian. growing up everything was just based on going to chruch. when i finally broke loose i ddint have any ppl skills. i didnt know what a true friend was, what a tru relationship was or anything. ive just always been taught to think from the chruches stand point. i wonder if i should consider hypnotherapy?


2000 days ago
Hi - sorry you're doubting your past. Are you saying your BIL possibly molested you? You should start with a good referral to a therapist who deals with child molestation. If you do want to try hypnotherapy, make sure its a reputable one. If you were molested I'm very sorry. If you have kids one day, empower them with the right to firmly say "no" and yell from a mountain top with a megaphone.

1995 days ago
I agree with Bella. I have similar memory problems; mine is more like whole chunks of time are missing, and I think it has a lot to do with my own doing... like choosing not to remember a gap of time. We all have that internal self-preservation mode wired within us. If it bothers you so much that you feel you must explore it, I would do exactly what Bella said. I did talk to a psychiatrist about myself having questions about having been molested. I woke up at a friend's house to find her big brother's hands under my clothes and underclothes, and i was terrified and never told anyone. I didn't feel like I had anyone who would protect me, though, so I guess what I'm trying to relate are two things 1) it happens and it is NOT your fault and 2) if you look back, as a child, did you feel that you had strong people around you that you could open up to or did you feel helpless, alone, or afraid? it might help you put into perspective the kind of people you were around when you were little, and whether or not you felt safe or unsafe, which in and of itself can promote trauma, even if you were never physically touched, maybe you were neglected to the point that you felt unsafe. Does that make sense? Sometimes to get one answer, you have to start with a totally different question. My therapist gave me the option of pursuing or not pursuing that question mark in my mind. I decided I didn't want to because I had made it over 30 years not knowing, and when you go down that road, you have to have that commitment that i did not. I decided I wanted to work with my daily problems for the time cause I had plenty enough of those. This is NOT the advice I'm giving you, only putting out questions that you may or may not have already asked yourself. I wish you great health and wellness and most importantly finding the strongest, best you today. A therapist is the answer, though. Your topics are delicate and deserve to be analyzed in a safe, professional environment. You will be in my prayers. I hope you find what you are looking to find, and it brings you growth, awareness and determination in your life!

1995 days ago
p.s. I'm sorry I didn't clarify about memories. I began to question if my father sexually abused me b/c I felt a strange feeling that he did, so my questions weren't about what happened to me with my friend's brother. I know that happened, but I felt something else may have gone on beyond that. sorry about the lack of clarity there.

1989 days ago
Trust your instincts!! Sometimes when traumatic things happen your mind blocks them out to protect you from them. It's the bodies way of coping with the situation. I would suggest that you speak to a therapist that has experience with molestation.