I am trying to understand the following behavior in a adult. Can it be related to mental illness

*attention seeking behavior (banging objects to get attention, intense starring and other weird behavior)
*over dramatising events and being very excitable/emotional
*very nervous behavior (jumping about, shaking, stuttering etc)
*Erratic behavior/attitude to others

Also how do you deal with such behavior, which can be stressful, challenging and confusing for others (such as myself)?


1982 days ago
Yes these can be attributed to some mental illnesses but we certainly can't estimate which ones. All bystanders can do is, encourage this person to get professional help and for you/others to set boundaries with this person. This means you have a choice to tolerate or not deal with this persons behavior. Best of luck.

1982 days ago
I just want to mention that these behaviors can also sometimes be the result of drug abuse, whether prescription drugs or illegal.

1981 days ago
Chemar is correct. I agree because Any mental problems are usually from subtle to or like those behaviors but most likely very seldom not unless it's severe. Tremors, erratic and odd actions are withdrawal or drug related actions. Was this person like this before?