I am 19 years old and feel very lost. My parents are pressuring me to choose a major in college but, I have no idea what I want to be. Everytime I think I've got my life in order something goes terribly wrong; Last week my brother suffered from a concussion and was hospitalized for two days and, I couldn't do anything to help him. I felt useless. I feel useless a lot of the time.
Also, I am in another unhappy relationship. However, this one is different in that, the boy in question hasn't done anything wrong to validate this unhappy feelings I've been having. The guy I've like throughout highschool has just come back into my life also but, I think I need to be alone to figure out why I'm always so unhappy in relationships. I basically cannot grasp anything in my life and, many days I feel like I am in a haze. I lose and gain weight all the time. I'm currently down to 98lbs. at 5' 2". I tell myself I'll quit smoking but, I feel more relaxed after that "one last" cigarette. It's never my last one though, I know my life isn't that bad but, I can't shake these feelings of confusion, pain, depression, longing that i've had for years. can anyone help me? Any answers would be a great start. Thank you.


3187 days ago
It sounds to me like you are on the verge of a healthy identity crisis. That's a good thing. You will have a chance to look at who you WANT to be and what you believe, as opposed so what you're EXPECTED to be. That's a good process to go through. I think you see that, too. You know what you need, which is to look inside and figure some stuff out. You can investigate what's wrong, and decide how to best solve it, regarding relationships, career, and your life-outlook. Read, write, discuss, experiment, and you'll find some clarity.


3186 days ago
It is important to search for what you are in life, and try to become that.

Look within yourself. Why do you find yourself in such a bad feeling/mood?

Why doubt yourself?

Believe in yourself, find reasons to believe that you are talented and worth it.