I leave him because i love him to much to stay and play his games and the wait is driving me insane. I come back to him and he takes me back in a heart beat, this time he is mean, I guess he has had enough. I explained to him the reason why, It isnt good enough, Im not good enough. He gets me up to let me down and knowing that it hurts me does it more and more. I hurt myself bad and cant stand myself for letting go the first time, I am trying to make up for it but its not working, he is jerking me like a turkey. Broken Promises for Broken hearts


2000 days ago
If there is nothing there!


2000 days ago
Hi - this is a little confusing - you said you left because you love him. You both need to be mature and decide if you want to be together....stop playing mind games. Life is too short to waste time on emotional mind games. Both of you need to be honest and mature. Best of luck.

1999 days ago
Hey Rohelle, I know how it hurts to feel like you've done something wrong that has led you to what is happening now and I am so sorry!!! What I think you should do is give you guys space! Space to think but also to know what you guys really want. Then you can make a decision. I hope this helps! Good luck

1991 days ago
Hi Rochelle! Some people think that mind games makes a relationship less boring. Most of the time, this causes a lot of pain and misunderstanding. You've mentioned that you got yourself hurt and this means that your relationship is not healthy anymore. Both of you need space to think about what you really should do.