I am 37 years old female never have boyfriend I am not ugly not pretty just normal girl. I hang around family and relatives most of my free times and like quiet enjoy travel, cooking ect... doing girly things, I likes man but never be in any relationship at all. people making fun of me because I am still virgin at age 37. but i want to save this for the man of my life. do you think this is normal.


3305 days ago
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3304 days ago
I think that is amazing. Being a virgin, is an incrediable thing. I am 20 years of age and have the same beliefs waiting for that "man" and trust me he will come. You are 37 meaning you just need to start opening up. family and friends are a great thing to have in your life, but u need that one another person. Open yourself to relationships. Maybe even search for a bit.. online dating, etc.

cux time is ticking. but it will come

3303 days ago
Be proud , what greater gift can you give him. Well Done

3303 days ago
Hi Ocean,

it might be a little unusual but that's not bad. Reserving yourself for that special someone is an honorable thing. You obviously have very strong morals. I wish society had more of this kind of thinking, especially since there are deadly deseases out there. But you should keep trying to find that special someone especially if one day you would like to have children