i want to die i have written a suicide note onmy comluter i want to end the pain iam in i want to slit my wrist and overdose on asprin i can not go to the hospital because i was just there in april iam such i disappoinment to my family


3250 days ago

I'm sorry you feel this way! There must be a part of you that wants to hang on and that's why you're writing here. This is just your depression talking and not the voice of reality. It doesn't matter that you consider yourself a disappointment - it really doesn't matter what anyone thinks.

This will be the second time tonight that I'll mention, that my dear brother committed suicide a year and 2 months ago. Since you seem to care about how your family feels, then I don't think you want to give them this kind of pain. Since we're not trained professionals you can also call 1-800-SUICIDE.

Perhaps you could tell us what's going wrong that makes you not want to live - talking about how you feel will give you relief. It doesn't matter how bad things are, it's never worth your life. This is just a temporary stage in your life and circumstances will change and get better. What would you say to someone who was in your shoes? Just because you have these thoughts, doesn't mean you have to listen to them - reject them. Tell us whats bothering you. Please get help and be safe.

3250 days ago
that is so painful, I have felt that way. Flip your thoughts to: I want to live, I love life, my family are very proud of me, I want to legthen the joy I am in, I want my wrists to be cutfree, I want my stomach to be aspirin free, I want to stay out of the hospital because I love being at home. I am so glad to be alive...I am so happy...when life knocks me down I get right back up, I never give up trying, I am positive and upbeat, my life is fun to live...

3249 days ago
Would you mind letting us know if you're okay, thanks Bella.

3249 days ago
I completely understand. I have cancer, chronic pain, and my marriage nearly fell apart last year. The link below is a great tool. I had e-mailed them, and they are not judgemental, nor do they give you the same old, 'think it over' and 'you have so much to live for'. When you're at the place that suicide feels like your only option, those are the last things you want to hear. I know from experience. Also, they aren't one of those 'christian' companies that make you feel like what you are feeling is wrong, immoral, or a sin. Please let us know how you are, and if this passes. There are people in the world with so much compassion that they can't help but want to help. You'll be on my mind all evening, as you have been for the last hour and a half I was trying to figure out what to say to you to try and be as helpful as possible without feeding you the same old crap that we've heard from everyone we've gone to for help.

The fact that you reached out on here for help, gives me hope that you may just need someone to talk to, and I will be praying for you.


If the link doesn't come up on here, please google; 'suicide help/Samaritans' and you'll see 'if you're thinking about suicide, read this first.' Please go on there, and give them a chance.

Take care, and PLEASE be safe.

3249 days ago
Where are things right now? You see, people care, and we have hope for you. I think depression is a disease of hope, more than anything else. Hope is something that grows in the right environments. If you create that environment, you can create hope for yourself. Not only that, but I also think people know EXACTLY what they really need to do and have an inner voice of wisdom. Try and be patient and it'll start to guide you. K?


3248 days ago
You were there in April? Well, heck, thats good, actually. One month ago (its almost June, btw).

There are many more people who have went with less time than that. See, you have goals to work with!

We do care and we are here.

Keep putting one month behind the other, and keep moving on. It doesnt matter when you went somewhere, what matters is you are GOING SOMEWHERE.



3244 days ago
HI, I~m sorry you're experiencing such emotional pain. I've experienced suicidal thoughts & feelings myself many times in the past. I know that when you're depressed, everything seems hopeless. But I want to tell you that even though you feel this way now doesn't mean the suffering is permanent. I know it's hard to imagine things ever being any better but I want you to hold onto any thread of hope you have. I truly believe that your parents would much rather have you go to the hospital again and have you alive. PLEASE click on the link suggested by Jessiesprng: www.metanoia/org/suicide if you haven't already. I think it's the best I've ever found. I was going to post the link myself. Would you write back to let us know you're still with us? We all care. Thoughts & prayers for you, Hope.

3243 days ago
Yes I agree with bp2hope - I also am anxiously waiting for you to reply. I hope you're okay????