Once my dad got really mad because I wore a little too short shorts to soccer practice. He slapped me in my behind. I got really mad and told him. So he started squeezing my butt cheeks and told me he could touch me where ever he wanted. My mom was there and she did nothing, in fact she said he was right. Was I sexually abused?


2664 days ago
Sorry but your father does not have the right to "touch you wherever he wanted" and it was wrong of your mother to reinforce that bad behavior on his part.

I don't feel what he did was "sexual" abuse, but it was abusive and very inappropriate IMHO

2663 days ago
Hello there,

Did this type of event only happen once? Or are you repeatedly touched by your father on your bottom or other private areas? Sexual abuse is defined as the forcing of undesired sexual activity onto another person. By what you described above, it sounds innappropriate for sure, but I am not sure it is technically sexual abuse. It sounds like discipline that went awry. However, if there is more to the story, then that might change my answer.

Like Chemar, I do not believe your father has the right to touch you whenever or however he wants. Deep down, he might not either. Sometimes people say things when they are upset, that they do not really mean. I do not know if this is the case because I was not there. If he says these types of things repeatedly, then he may believe that to be true. However, if he said it only once, in this instance, he may have just been mad that you did not follow the rule about wearing appropriate clothing.

As a teenager, there may be these instances where what you want is not anything close to what your parents want. These conflicts may lead to instances where both parties are mad and when people are mad, they do not always think straight.

Growing up is hard. I am sorry this happened to you. I hope that this was a one time instance for you, that it is not repeated and that you are generally brought up in a good healthy environment where you are loved, esteemed and cared for. I read your other question, but I did not know if there is more you are not saying. If you are not saying everything that happened and multiple instances, then disregard what I said here. If this is the only instance, then you may want to think about the incident in a different light.

All my best.