Can someone help me with my dreams? There so weird and I really need help with them! Well I'm fifteen and I keep having dreams about strangers, friends, and family. I'll start with dreams about the strangers. I've had dreams before that I'm talking to a man or a woman that I've never met before but I'm talking to them and I don't know why. Sometimes I can't hear what there're saying but I know there talking though. Then a few days or weeks later I'll see the person on the street or I'll meet them. It's really scary because I don't know why I'm dreaming about strangers. Part of me thinks that maybe I did see them before but I wasn't paying attention to them. Almost as if I was looking at something else but they were in the corner of my eye. Like my subconscious is telling me that I'm going to see them or talk to them. And then I have the same dreams about my family and friends but there about situations. For example...once I had a dream about my brother...about a month ago and in the dream I was sitting on his bed and he was sitting on the arm of his couch. He was telling me something, but once again I couldn't hear him. I know he was talking because I could see his lips moving. In the dream he used his hands to interpret what he was saying kind of. And then about a week or so after I had the dream my brother called me to his room and the dream became my reality. It's really creepy. I don't know why I have these dreams. I've only been having them for about a year but I've never really thought much about them until the last one with my brother. I'm not a physic, I know that. But what else could it be? Please help me!


3152 days ago
I personally am just thinking that you think that the dreams are coming true, yet if you believe that they are, then they might be.

If the dreams are coming true, take it as a gift and learn how to use it.



3139 days ago
It is creepy. I am also 15 turning 16 soon though. I used have had dreams like that when I was 10-14. It is common in my opinion because I have met quite a few people who do this. But alot of them tend to stop having these dreams as they get older just like I have. It may have to do with maturity.