When I get spanked to the point of my butt being numbed receive many swats after it is numb, shortly after that, I have a near orgasm type of experience. What causes that?


2998 days ago
I'm not sure exactly what goes on in the brain and body to trigger arousal when experiencing pain. It doesn't happen to everyone and I'm not sure why it happens to some. For me it would be the opposite. It's a good question though and I wonder if violence and sexual arousal are closely linked? For example why do some men get aroused when women are fighting??? Anyway we're not doctors or psychologists and if you have several questions involving spanking, then maybe you should consult a therapist. Best of luck.

2998 days ago
I really have no idea why this happens, but I do own a psychology book called "Our Sexuality" that touches on the subject of sadomasochism. It explains somewhat WHY (some) people partake in masochistic behavior, but never really why it causes arousal.

(I'm just summarizing)

It says some people engage in masochistic behavior because it gives people a release from their controlled everyday lives. Masochism can also "relieve" a person from themselves the same way getting drunk can. There may also be a connection between sex and pain at an early stage in life (such as a child being whipped for masturbation). Others may engage in SM behavior because they believe that sex is "sinful" or "evil" and being punished or giving punishment is a way to alleviate those feelings.

The part I think you'd be most interested in is this:

Some theorists believe that engaging in masochism has definite neurophysiological values, heightening phsyical reactions also seen in sexual arousal such as blood pressure, muscle tension, and hyperventilation.

I hope I'm not breaking copywright laws by posting this. Like I said, I didn't write this, it comes from the book "Our Sexuality" by Robert Crooks and Karla Baur (10th ed.). I would actually suggest getting this book if you can afford it. It's great and has really helped me out with some of my psychosexual issues.

Darryl J
2998 days ago
if you like being taken control of, that may play a role in it as well.

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2989 days ago
I use to date a fellow, who enjoyed spankings. He said he use to get aroused when his Mom would lay him over her lap, and while she whipped his backside, his penis would rub on her legs simultaneously.