I am 23 years old and I am 30 weeks pregnant. I have been seeing my baby's father for going on 4 years now. We recently broke up, but the last couple of weeks we have started talking about getting back together. Well within the last week he has got with my best friend. They have pretty much been together ever since and have been staying with each other. He still calls me occasionally when she goes to work. Last night I seen him while she was at work and I really feel like I need closure that it would really help. So, I asked please just tell me you dont want me that you want her and he said he couldnt do that. Then, he says he thinks he knows what he wants (ME), but says he doesnt want to jump back into it. I cant eat or sleep and I know I need to for my baby, but it so hard. I really want it to work but its hard to continue when he is with someone else. I dont know what to do. Please give any advice.


1997 days ago
Hi there

sorry you are having to go through this.

I think you need to face reality...he is living with your "best friend" and he will not commit to you, even though you are carrying his child!

I think you need to recognize that you should not be placing any hope in this man and rather just focus on being healthy and less stressed for the sake of your baby. The father will need to take some financial responsibility so be sure you have that covered, if needed, do so legally.

Someone who truly loves you (and is willing to be the kind of man who will put his own "wants" aside in order to provide a family for his unborn child) is not going to shack up with your "best friend"!!

1997 days ago
Hi - I'm sorry you've been betrayed by your BF and best friend. I can't think of a more selfish thing to do to a pregnant woman and a best friend should never cross that line. They're both selfish and I agree you should make up your mind first, instead of waiting while he takes his free time to choose.

Right now your baby and you is the priority - you can't let 2 crappy people jeopardize the health of a new human being. I understand this is so upsetting but put all this on an imaginary shelf for now. Get some legal help to secure financial help for the baby.

I understand what infidelity feels like and know its so hard - also know there's a grieving process and your emotions will be all over the place. One minute you'll hate him and then you'll think you want to win him back. Bottom line is, why should he be lucky to have 2 women after him. Let him be with her and he'll have to support you/your baby financially. Now that the initial exciting affair is over, they'll need to get used to real life and I bet he'll get bored with her too. Right now take care of you and your baby - I hope you have a healthy baby :)