I had gotten into the back seat of another family members truck, I turn around and saw my grandfather getting into the truck. He says nothing to me, he just gets in the truck and looks straight ahead. All I really can remember, I believe that he was wearing one of his Georgia sweat shirts, a hat, and jeans. (If that means anything)


3290 days ago
Usually When you see Someone who means alot to you that has passed in your dreams it means that they are just trying to contact you, see you, or warn you. After my father died last year he was in my dreams every night and never said anything just smiled but in one of them he pointed to this picture of a bride on a magazine. The next day i got proposed to. Everything in you dreams means something, Not necessarily what is set out to be. But always does. - Sally

3282 days ago
You could also just be missing him as well.