dreaming of my ex hugging me. talking to me. him looking into my eyes. has his arms around me. doesnt let go no matter what.


3366 days ago
Your dreams tend to re-play things that have happened in your life, and things that you think about. If you are thinking about your ex, and if in the past your ex tended to hug you a lot (he must have, if you were together, unless either of you hated hugs for some reason), then chances are your dreams are reflecting the fact that you had a relationship with him at one time and you are thinking a lot about it.

3364 days ago
You want to be back with your ex?

You have to read what we say and put it to your own thoughts to understand how it relates to you.

It usually does involve things about past experiences.



3359 days ago

Often the symbolism of dream is more straight forward than we think. And generally every character in a dream is us, essentially giving a familiar face to a part of our own personality. Dreams are also a means for us to resolve. For instance, you have a conversation with someone, and you walk away wishing you had said something that you hadn't. You may well have a dream where you say what you wanted to say, to resolve your psyche, so you can move forward.

I've had similar dreams. I'll suggest you are hugging yourself, giving yourself the love you identify with that other person. Love for someone else is always a reflection of the love we feel within ourselves expressed and shared with other. I'd also guess that your ex hugging you is a resolving of what you want from them but cannot receive. You are both opening and accepting something you may at some point have closed yourself from receiving and giving; and, no longer together, a means to conclude with the original feelings of love you shared. It isn't about the other person though. It is about you learning to give yourself that love, that we believe we received from them. In a sense it's a completion dream, recognizing what is ultimately a love you shared with each other that was real, and will always be real. Relationship though is more about love, it is about compatibility. The love is real, we may though just not be compatible, no matter how much we wish it weren't so. Accept the love was real. Accept that you can love, yourself and another. Accept that your psyche is acknowledging the love you shared, and is revealing to you your love is also a love for you from you, that you shared if briefly with someone else. You won't ever let go of loving yourself.