I recently had a dream that I spoke with my Mother,but my Mother passed away May of this year.I was very close with my Mother at all times but for the last 1 year we did not speak or see one another before she passed.What does it mean when I have a dream that my Mom is talking to me and saying she is fine but in my dream she always dies?What does this mean?


3081 days ago
While we cannot realistically answer your question, to me, it does sound like she just wants you to be happy and for you to know she is fine, even after death.

Best, and I hope you find peace.


3079 days ago
Dreams can mean some of the strangest things. To me it sounds like your mother is trying to contact you. If the two of you did not speak the year before her passing she is probably trying to tell you that she loves you and only wants you to be happy. She is trying to let you know that she is okay and that she loves you.