this morning i had a dream about my gandmother who has passed on 3 years ago.In my dream i couldnit see her but another person in my dream was pointing out the things she was doing to let me know she was there.the other person in my dream said she had something very impotant to tell that point i tried to wake myself to comfort my son but it felt like my grandmothers spirit was trying to keep me asleep.i couldnt open my eyes i felt awake but i was still dreaming.when i finally awoke i felt scared i was swaeting my heart was pounding and i was crying in my sleep.


3254 days ago
Hi alyssa13,

it's very common to dream about loved ones who passed away. Some people even believe that it's their spirits sending them a message. Some people feel scared and other are comforted by their dreams. I know dreams can be very upsetting sometimes, but try not to let them bother you. Perhaps you can try writing down the dream and how you feel about them. Is there something in your life right now that is unresolved. If there is - what do you think your Grandmother would say to you? Best of luck.

3249 days ago
That you are missing her, that you are thinking of her, and caring for her.