ok im pregnant and my mother wants me to get an abortion but i dont want it so basically she is forcing me and so ive been very devistated well last night i had a dream that i had my newborn baby and my mother was there and she seemed happy but why did i dream this does it mean something


3174 days ago
Your mother can not force you to get an abortion if you do not want one. Dreams happen based on our thoughts and baily lives. You are in fear and devistation right now, and the dream dosnt really mean anything... its just almost what you wish you could see..... I hope you keep your baby and dont let your mother get to you in that way, I myself is 100% pro-life and would also be saddened to hear your baby go, best of luck.

3174 days ago
I don't place alot of value in dreams except in cases like this or when you dream of a loved one who passed away. I think this means you want to have this baby. I agree with the 1st post, that you should have this baby. If you aren't able to take care of your baby, then put the baby up for adoption - there are many couples who can't have children and would love to have one. Everyone deserves a chance at life and we're put on this earth for a reason. DON'T let anyone force you into abortion. All the best Bella

3174 days ago
Oh, please go ahead and have your child. Every child is wanted and needed here on earth. I put a child up for adoption myself when I was 18 and even though I miss that child so much, I am so glad that I didn't have an abortion. How would I ever have lived with myself if I had done that? I've seen many adoptive parents who are so brilliant so if you have to travel down this route your child should be okey.


3174 days ago

Perhaps this dream is the way that you would like for your mother to be--welcoming and loving towards her grandchild.

I am in total agreement with the others about your having the baby. I don't believe your mother has legal standing in making you have an abortion.

Have you seen an obstetrician yet? She/he would be aware of private or community services who can help you.

Would you be willing to ask your mother to sit down and the two of you calmly share your feelings? Has your mother already expressed why she does not want you to have this child? In all fairness, she may have fears for you and how this will impact your future. She may not be aware that there are people who can help.

You also did not mention your age, although that may not be a factor. But the phrase, "Babies having babies" is running through my mind.

haeli, having the baby and keeping the baby are two different things.

Are you planning on putting the baby up for adoption?

If you plan on keeping the baby, what plans have you made for *you* to raise it...how much are you expecting your mother to do in this respect?

I sincerely believe you and your mother should have a serious talk. Emotions are running high and hard right now, but there are very serious things to be considered no matter what the decision...

An objective but caring person that the two of you trust may be of great help. If such a person isn't close by, then speak with your obstetrician and request help.

Please don't let too much time pass, haeli. This is not going to go away, but you do have a chance to salvage the relationship with your mother along with making a decision that is in the best interest of this baby.

Best wishes

3174 days ago
Freud believed that dreams represent wishful thinking. Maybe you wish your mom would back off and that she would celebrate your baby rather than deny it.

These decisions require a lot of wisdom and experience. If I were you, I'd consult some really smart people and ask them to explain why they would do what they would do.


3160 days ago
To me, it sounds like wishful thinking, that you hope that she lets you have the baby and that you want to have it.