It started out as happening ever-so often, but now i'm having this same dream a couple of times a month to a couple of times a week. I'll be having a normal dream of no significance, then all the sudden i'll hear a loud noise, or something along those lines, and i get scared, so i wake up into another dream. Because i'm so scared, I try running out of the room or screaming, but i can't. I sink into the floor, or my legs won't move, or i have no voice. At this point, i know that i'm dreaming, so i have to try and wake myself up. When i finally really do wake up, i can't stop shaking. It always happens only a few minutes after i fall asleep and lasts approximately half an hour. What do you think this means? It's been happening more and more lately, and it's pretty discomforting.


3236 days ago
It sounds like a dream where you feel trapped. Maybe you feel trapped in your life or your current situation? Maybe you also feel as though there is nothing you can do about it either. If there is nothing like that now in your past if you had a situation like that, that you never resolved. It's possible that this could be like a flash back dream coming out in a different way than the actual events that happened, if so then maybe you need to work on the times of your life that you felt trapped and like you couldn't do anything. Hope it helps some =)

3235 days ago
Do you feel worried, scared, or trapped? You have a feeling of insecurity, and are trying to find a way to feel more relaxed.



3233 days ago
I think it might be the feeling of being trapped, or not having a voice. The silent screaming seems to be happening most often. I guess maybe i feel like i have no voice, which i suppose could relate to a slew of things. Thanks for the responses.