i've tried to be strong for a long time but some days i feel like this this pain is not going to end. most of my life, from elementary school through high school and college, i was depressed. but i only sought out professional help last year when i started to become suicidal. i dropped out of college because i couldn't deal and now spend most of my days at home. as a quiet, reserved person i found it hard to get along with my peers and this resulted in not having many friends. most of my problems i went through alone. i only have my immediate family right now (mother, father, sister) and even they are busy with their own lives and i don't want to burden them. when my relationship ended, i dealt with it alone. 3 years later and i haven't progressed much. now that ex is back and trying to lead me on again and it's hard to resist... i always blame myself, my personality and disability to form bonds with people for my depression which is such a heavy burden. what do i do? i've almost lost all hope.


1995 days ago
Hi - sorry you're feeling so upset and sad. Have you sought professional help for this depression? If not you really should consult with your doctor and find a therapist. If you feel confused about this ex coming back in your life, be firm and say you're not ready. A person needs to be healthy minded to have a good relationship. Reach out for help so you can function again and don't lose hope.

1994 days ago

My name is Paul, and I am sorry to hear life has got you feeling down right now. Depression effects the lives of many people, and there are many different causes for depression. It is important to see a psychiatrist about your depression, because it can lead to other disorders. Remember this, you must love yourself before you love others, by accepting yourself and fully being what you are, your simple presence will make others happy.