I have a problem. I am a fifteen, nearly sixteen year old girl and i have been lying since i was very young. I lie about anything, serious or not and i also have a few other problems like moods and violence that i cant control. I cant go to my parents about it and people are saying i either have ADD, ADHD or Bipolar Disorder and are telling me to go to the doctors but i don't want to get my parents involved. If anyone can give me advice then please let me know. Thanks x


2890 days ago

the only sensible advice any of us can give you is to tell your parents that you need to see a doctor. If you truly cannot talk to your parents, then talk to your school counselor, or an adult freind or relative. But you need to let a responsible adult know that you have symptoms that you feel need to be evaluated by a professional to see if you need any type of medical or therapeutic treatment.

There is a very big difference in ADD and Bipolar Disorder so if you are having that wide a range of symptoms it really is something that needs to be checked out

As I dont know why you dont want to tell your parents, all I can do again is strongly urge you to discuss this with them. If you dont feel comfortable talking of all the symptoms with them, then just say you feel you need to see a doctor. Often at 16, you can request to not have a parent in the room when you see the doctor if that will make you more comfortable to open up. The doctor can then refer you to either a psychologist, psychiatrist or other appropriate specialist.

Doing nothing, or guessing what it may be, is not going to get you help if you feel this is something that is negatively interfering with your life. I do hope you will tell someone who can get you for a checkup, and at your age, parents are usually what it takes...or school counselor.

2890 days ago
Some people lie because they think they have to embellish in order to get people to like them - self esteem problem. Pathological liars which is serious, do it for their own gain and don't have remorse. I agree with Chemar speak with a counselor and doctor. Do you know why you lie - do you feel guilty after?