Are they related?

I have very finely tuned intuitive responses and my intuition usually serves me well, in that I make a fair few decisions based on what my gut instinct is telling me without any real hard evidence, and later my decisions are substantiated by the outcomes.

But sometimes it would appear that some people believe their intuition is telling them something when the reality is much, much different. Like for example, the jealous spouse who imagines his partner is cheating with no evidence whatsoever to back it up and the partner isn't cheating?

So where is the line crossed and when does intuition become paranoia?


3092 days ago
I think you did a great job answering your own question. Intuition is a gut feeling you get, matched with a good probability of outcomes. Paranoia is when the person has very unrealistic thoughts with no possiblity of coming true.

3090 days ago
Yeah. Intuition is more when you just "know" a thing is true, and it becomes true, while paranoia seems to possibly "be" true, but is so far flung or possibly far flung that it isn't or can't be true.