It's been almost 6 months since I had this thing in my mind and never stopped till now! My mind doesn't stop thinking from the time I wake up till I sleep. Mood swings gets me many times during the day and affects me and my work very bad. The thoughts are very bad that led my friends to stay away from me. I feel they talk bad about me behind my bak..


3366 days ago
Maybe there is something that is worrying u intensely, or some bad experience that you've had recently? It could be even a chemical change... But if it's affecting your life up to the point of affecting your job I think you should go to a therapist or something. It's been going on for 6 months. that's a lot of time! Try getting some help, because negative thoughts aren't good. See u, stitls

3364 days ago
Actually both, something is worrying me intensely and I had a (argument) with one of my friends 6 months ago that trigger an old experience that made me feel so miserable and led me to think that all people around are taking and thinking of me bad. I almost lost trust in them and my self, One day I was at work and extremely thinking constantly and I was so mad because of my extreme negative thoughts and decided to go directly ,without even thinking, to my friends' house and exploded everything in my chest and my mide on them accusing them of what I thought I was mad at or thinking of. I was very angry and wanted to know who is talking or even joking about me(however no one was except my mind is thinking and accusing people by it self), I wanted to explode whatever In my chest to feel comfortable gain my trust in myself back and let my mid think positive which it did for a couple of days only. The problem now and after I exploded, my friends think whatever I was thinking of or accusing them of is true which is not. One of my best friends just arrived from a long vacation and I took the opportunity to tell him everything about me and how I think people and friends think of me, he is like so WHAT! he said that i am worried because I feel for my reputation which is true and told me to calm down and think positive. I felt normal again right after our long conversation but only for 2 days!!!! I think my friends and people I work with lost trust in me and my personality which is killing me and hurt me.

I still till now keep thinking of the same subject whatever I am working or even talking to people. I wake up with the same thought which is very hard to control. If I control my mind and direct him to a different thought and positive one, it comes right back again with the same negative feelings and thoughts. It's really bad situation and I don't whether I have depression or something else.!!!

3365 days ago
Im dealing with the same thing. And I have too been dealing with this for seven months. It's miserable.

3365 days ago
You need to talk to someone--such as a school counselor, a therapist or a doctor about what is going on.

The only help you will get is what you put in to it.

I hope the best for you.