My husband has always had a bad temper. He is such a loving person, but when he gets frustrated or he passionately disagrees with something I say, he loses control. He knows he has a problem and started working on improving it, which he did, but recently an argument got out of control.

I have had traumas with my alcoholic father and I started giving him a hard time about his drinking one night. He doesn't pass his alcohol limit nor does he have a dependence on it, at least I don't think so. That night we argued really loud and for the first time he grabbed my arm hard. I am just as stubborn as he is and I started screaming at him. I threatened to call the cops and he grabbed the phone from my hand and slapped me.

Since then, he's told me he feels sick to his stomach when he replays the events. He has on numerous occasions begged me to forgive him and has told me that he's willing to go to a psychologist if needed. He also mentions that he will never drink again if that's what I want. I don't know what to do because my mother was abused my alcoholic father and I have vowed to not repeat history. I love him very much, but I don't know if leaving is the best thing to do.


3353 days ago
What he did was assault you.

I think you know he has some problems that he needs to see a psychologist for. Maybe you should see one yourself to deal with the unresolved issues from your childhood.

Tell your husband to go to a psychologist to work on his anger. I hope you don't have children...

Good luck, but take this SERIOUSLY.

3352 days ago
He did assault you yes.

You do need to see if he will go to marriage/anger counseling with you.

He needs help.