In every relationship I've had I have never felt loved or like I can love (I haven't had very many relationships anyways..). The whole concept of it just seems unreal to me, and I'm so sure I'll never have it. Even with my family I feel like the feelings have nothing to do love or caring, don't get me wrong my family is perfectly ok for the moment. But these feelings seem absolutly normal to me, the only reason I'm asking is because the person I'm with is complaining that they don't feel loved enough since I've never told them I loved them before, hell I've never said that to anyone and I don't think I ever will. Is it weird or is this normal for people? Is there something wrong with me?

Just incase it'll help, I was abused as a child for a long number of years.


2826 days ago
It's very difficult to speculate or diagnose over the internet. Lack of feeling love/loved can come from the way you were raised and also some psychological disorders manifest with a lack of deep connections to loved ones.

The best thing to do is, consult your physician and get a thorough psychological evaluation. I know you're struggling with other issues as well so it's time to see a doctor. Wondering about what could be wrong just creates anxiety.

2826 days ago
I am not a professional, but I can offer my opinion. If you never had a parent or loved one ever tell you that they loved you or show affection, that may have caused you to have never learned what love is or feel as if someone cared about you. Being abused on top of that would possibly wound your emotional state when it comes to this sort of thing. As for your partner, you should try to explain to them your situation. If you have, give them time to adjust. They may be use to feeling loved or constantly told that they are loved. They may feel wounded or unworthy without that reassurance that they are wanted and loved. You should talk with your partner and share this and listen to their side. I hope this helped..