Why am I so angry in the morning...always in the morning? I have anxiety attacks and when I think I've got it all under control, someone in my disfuntional household says something cold or condecending and I get so hurt...but anger is something that is preceeded before my day begains, which does nothing for the panic attack that sets in automaticly. Help! I need answers. Thank you, Cileford


3188 days ago
Have you contacted a doctor about this? You can do deep breathing exercises before you get out of bed in the morning. When you breath make sure they're slow deep breaths from your stomach instead of your upper chest. Breaths from the upper chest produce short shallow breaths. While you're doing this(for 10 min.) you can concentrate on positve thoughts like "this day will be calm and I won't get upset".

You can utilize deep breathing any time you start to feel anxious through out the day. Also make sure you limit caffeine in hot drinks and pop. It's also good to make sure you're eating healthy and exercising regularly. If your symptoms don't improve then consult a doctor. Good luck.

3187 days ago
Are there any medical reasons why you are aggravated so easily in the morning? Do you stay up late? Are you not a morning person at all?

Deep breathing does work.