Lately when i wake up i feel really depressed. But after i get myself up and get ready and eat it goes away. When i first wake up i feel really upset and just feel like theres no reason to get up or live. Dont get me wrong im not suicidal. i just wake up really down. this is a very recent thing and happens about every day, especially school days. this has been happening in about the past 5 months. I don't know what the cause could be... but im a pretty depressing person anyway.
But sometimes I just feel like crying because I'd rather sleep than go anywhere else and have people look at me or talk to me. I just dont want to make an effort and its tearing me apart.... My mom is stressed out because of it, im always late for school. She's also treating me like a child... She wont let me go out because she doesnt want to "Reward me for being late". Which is completely understandable.... I just dont know how to fix it. I already have detention this whole week for being late on Monday.... ugh. It's so stressful and I feel like theres something wrong with me.

[I'm 15, and I go to bed at 10 and wake up at 6:30. But I usually dont get out of bed until 7:40...]
:/ please help..


2180 days ago
Hello, this is the first question I have answered but I feel like I can really help because I go through this sometimes too. My answer is going to be short and sweet. Every time before you go to bed, pray if you believe in god, and if not that is fine too. But what I do that REALLY helps is I think about at least one thing, even something small that you are excited about the following day. Some might say there is nothing to be excited about but I'm sure there is at least one thing. Lunch, seeing a friend, talking about a certain subject with someone, etc. If you think about this before bed and wake up thinking about it, I doubt you will have these feelings anymore. Hope it helps. Best of luck. :)

2180 days ago
I think a big hint here might be the fact that you feel better after you eat. Are you really hungry in the morning before you get up? Being overly hungry could be a trigger for your depression. Maybe try setting some sort of healthy snack on your nightstand before you go to bed, or a glass of o.j or something. Then when you wake up, you will have something to eat & drink right away, & you can see if that helps improve your mood.

2179 days ago

I agree that having something to eat as soon as you wake up would be a good thing to sounds like that is what your body may be telling you!

My son finds having his vitamin B12 lozenge when he wakes to be really helpful for mood and energy. It also comes in liquid that can be dropped under the tongue

Something like a granola bar or other health bar is good too. Even if you are not hungry, just a few bites will start your metabolism the right way and hopefully this will help a bit.

If this persists, you may want to see your doctor for a physical and bloodwork

2179 days ago
Hi there,

I think I have the same morning situation as yours. I don't wake up feeling that happy, but just like you, I find out that this feeling eventually fades out one hour at a time.

What works for me is specifically this: waking up very early, 2 hours before my normal wake-up time. Don't think about anything in this action but yourself and your well-being. For example, If you normally would want to wake up at 7:30, make it 5:30 or 6:00. It sounds painful (and it will be excruciating the moment you actually move yourself out of bed), but this extra time space will give you tranquility and many other benefits that you will actually notice if you start this habit.

I hope this helps. And don't worry, there's nothing that can not be fixed. We all pass through some challenge or situation every once in a while. Beyond the teens and twenties even, life is all about taking leaps :)

Just accept that you are passing through this and try to "coach" yourself up as much as you can.

Peace be with you.

2179 days ago
My concern with waking up that much earlier would be not getting the required amount of sleep you body needs. Most people really do need 8 hours of sleep and for young people it should be even more, tho I know few get more. But going to sleep at 10am means waking by 6am earliest, otherwise sleep deprivation will add another dimension to the problem.