I was sexually abused when I was young, but can only remember the begining of it, when he was touching me. I know it lasted for quite a while (a few years), but I just draw up blanks in my memory trying to figure out what went on and what he made me do to him. I'm scared but I need to know so I can put closure on the subject. any suggestions?


3188 days ago
I think you better ask for a professional advise, otherwise you probably removed the former painful memory. The remotion is a typical defense mechanism which prevents your consciousness to be disturbed by negative memories.

3188 days ago
Something like that, yes.

What are you exactly trying to figure out? You need to know so you can tell the professional therapist. Stuff like this isnt something to be worked out on the board.

Believe me, it would be a lot easier with someone face to face.



3176 days ago
Dear Danielle,

I'm so sorry you had this horrible experience. I understand how you are feeling; I had similar experience too when I was 6 years old. I only have a very few memories that remain in my mind, probably because they were to painful for me to deal with.

After the abuse I remember feeling very confused and sad, then also I being on my own and looking the sign of the fisical abuse on my body. I forgot everything about it while I was growing up and I also mantained a normal relationship with my father... Then a few years ago when I had my first sexual intercorse I realized that I wasn't a virgin and those confused memories with my dad came up in my mind immediately.

I don't want to accept the abuse as true, because it hurts me so much, so in my mind I keep repeting to myself that It was my imagination.

The abuse i had is stopping my to have an healthy sexual relationships with my boyfriend and I reached the point where I need to find out the truth and let all the pain go as is killing me. I have personally considered to do some counciling or regression sessions and see what coms up for me.

I hope you will find out what you need to know to heal yourself from this horrible experice.

Lots of love,


3157 days ago
You really do need to talk to a professional about this, but to remember what happened you need to know why you cant remember. When you live through something like that you put the memories away so you can get through life without the pain. Its hard to dig up the memories but some times if you just think back moment by moment you will slowly start to remember more and more

2005 days ago
let me tell you what I come across most, people think they made up the abuse in their heads. This is not true, you don't just think something like that. Most likely the reason you don't remember it all is because you repressed it.You hid it all inside so that it wouldn't hurt you if you didn't think about it, but all the memories are there. The best way to find closure is to talk to someone trustworthy.