I've never had a happy dream at all, I've only had bad dreams where I'm ghetting killed or chased or hurt. Yes, I have had my share of life problems but could that really cause these dreams?


3289 days ago
Problems act on your body and mind, and the stress causes bad dreams. Also, once you have some bad dreams, you start stressing out about those and then have more bad dreams.

I don't have the perfect solution, but I can tell you what I do: whenever I have a bad dream, I think about sex right as I wake up and fall back asleep. I never have bad dreams after that. Try it!

3289 days ago
there is really only one way to stop these dreams, and that is when you are in the middle of one try and open your eyes or tell yourself to wakeup then you will be cured x

3288 days ago

you've probably had happy ones, but just don't remember them. Try to avoid thinking about problems before you go to sleep. Try to relax and do some deep breathing. Avoid watching scary shows and anything that would get your mind going. Remember they're just dreams , they can't hurt you.

3285 days ago
I wouldnt say you always have bad dreams either. Lots of times, our own stressors and painful issues make us have bad dreams.

Do you have a way of working on those?



2693 days ago
i hardly ever dream, but when i do they are always bad, i never seem to have good dreams, someone is always getting hurt, or i am breaking up with my girlfriend then fighting the man she goes with, can anyone help me ??