Ever since I was a little girl, I've never been very good with 1 on 1 relationships. As my mother puts it: "I can charm the pants off a crowd, but when I have to speak to someone one on one, I become antisocial basically." When I was 16 I was diagnosed as being depressed. My mother forced me to go see a psychiatrist because she found out I was a cutter. He then prescribed me Prozac and I made her believe it worked so I didn't have to go anymore. I'm now about to be 26 and approximately 2-3 years ago I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. The point is when I used to cut, I would become catatonic and unresponsive. When I was a child if I was punished for something or extremely upset about something I would also become catatonic, which concerned my mother. Now I become catatonic, it seems, for no reason. I am under a lot of stress from work, my relationship, and my personal life outside of work. When I get this way, it frustrates my fiance because he thinks I'm just ignoring him intentionally. I've tried explaining to him that it is something called being catatonic and told him the definition, he thinks I'm just making up excuses, of course. My question is that with bipolar disorder, is it possible to become catatonic sometimes if put under too much duress? I have started worrying that I may be schizophrenic because I am also very socially anxious and paranoid. I have read a lot about both mental illnesses and they say that the 2 are very similar. I had a great aunt with schizophrenia, my mother is bipolar, and my grandmother was, well a lot of things, but mainly OCD. Can someone please let me know what I should do?


2661 days ago
I wanted to let you know, we're not doctors or psychologists here. Catatonia can occur with several disorders(including bipolar, schizophrenia and more), from certain medication, and physical illness such as stroke, encephalitis, autoimmune disorders, metabolic disorder(such as diabetes) etc. Have you been clinically diagnosed as experiencing catatonia by a doctor? There are specific diagnostic requirements a patient has to have in order to be classified a catatonic.

Make sure you tell your psychiatrist about your family history. Try not to worry about what you may have because this can increase anxiety and make you feel worse. It's important to take your medication regularly and if it's not giving you significant improvement, you should tell your doctor. You would also benefit from learning relaxing techniques so you can avoid becoming overly stressed. Best of luck and here's a link explaining catatonia:


2661 days ago
Thank you for the sight. I am aware of what catatonia is. As you can tell from all my questions, I have a tendency to be overly insightful, if that's possible. I could even be considered perhaps a hypochondriac because I'm constantly looking up different disorders, diseases, etc. to figure out whether it applies to me. Dr's always seem to have a hard time diagnosing me because I always have such vague symptoms. But when I say I become catatonic it usually is onset from extreme stress and I read on your sight that it is present in bipolar disorder so that put my mind a little at ease as I was concerned I may be schizophrenic.

2661 days ago
As stated above, slow down on Worring about what you may have. Excessive worry will only make you more anxious. Relax and when a "Worry" thought enters, just say I putting it on the back burner and worry about that latter. Start paying more attention to present time and give your self some room to make misstakes.

2659 days ago
hey there, sorry to hear your unable to find out whats up. I wanted to just comment, i was reading a book about borderline personalities. I too, have found myself sitting so still almost feels calming. but I do not know of catatonia nor have i researched it or even googled it, i saw your question on the right hand side, after looking for something else. TO GET TO YOUR QUESTION, may i suggest you research boderline personality disorder, many many people are miss diagnosed.

I also had wondered if I am aspergers, depressed, add, or just had toxic parents the last of them I am sure but please do me and yourself a favor and just read characteristics of borderline. its not bipolar.

Borderline Disorder is actually an disorder where you are emotional but more so concerned with who you are, what is wrong with you, what is your label. you also are more likely to be a cutter, and have issues with overeating or undereating. there is alot more.

its just when you said you were always reading things, and a cutter, and cataonic i thought maybe its worth a try.

maybe you are shutting down on the outside. there is also a term i read im not sure if its age regression or what but it means that you totally freeze up scared like when you were young, and dont know how to act.

be well my friend. and my last piece of advice is its tiresome trying to find a label and identity. just pretend you are a multifaceted person and that is your identity. instead of trying to peg one disorder, just read all the books you can and take in all the advice and help that you can apply to your own life.