Ok so I have known my boyfriend for 6 months now and we have been dating for 2 and a half months. Last week we had a HUGE fight and almost broke up. Also, we have had little fights before but nothing as bad as the one last week. But we are doing pretty good now and everything is pretty much back to normal. Although, for some reason I feel disconnected from him :(. I dont know why! Hes not doing anything and we are getting along fine, but i just feel dull about him. Not really excited about him and not thinking about him like I was before. I use to think about him constantly and I considered myself obsessed sometimes. But now for some reason I just really dont care, I mean I do love him and everything but I just dont feel anything there right now for some reason. Do you think its because we almost broke up and had that big fight?? Do you think it will go away?? I mean we have had fights in the past and I never had this feeling before. So what is wrong with me?? I dont like it!!!!!

Oh also I was diagnosed with depression a couple months ago, which im taking medicine for. It seems to be helping but i don't know if that could be a factor in this problem. Maybe the medicine isn't working anymore. Also, im taking birth control for the first time which my doctor started me on at the same time as my anti-depressants. Could those be affecting me?


2289 days ago

there could be a few reasons for what you are feeling...or not feeling....

yes, anti-depressants as well as hormonal birth control pills can affect your emotions....plus, the big fight with your bf has obviously affected how you feel. Hurtful things may have been said in the heat of the moment and it is hard to forget these sometimes.

If you know you care about him, then I suggest you just give yourself time to adjust to the medications, and let the hurt feelings from the fight subside. Time is an amazing healer!