For the past 10 months I've felt so sad, angry, confused, basically every emotion. I use to cry every night and I didn't have reasons to sometimes. I find myself thinking so much about things and I wont let them go. I get angry so quickly when people say something I don't agree to or like. I feel like if I was dead everything would just go away. I have problems of letting go of my past and of mistakes I've done. [Crying] I don't like who I am sometimes, I act all happy and social when I'm with my friends and family. When I'm alone I just think, think, and think and I feel lonely. I like to keep things to myself when it comes to my feelings and personal problems because I feel like everyone will judge me or think different of me. I sometimes feel depressed but I just try to act like it's nothing.


3412 days ago
Sarai, my heart goes out to you, because I can SO relate to the types of thoughts and feelings and reactions you are describing. It points clearly to major depression. Fortunately this is very treatable, usually most effectively with a combination of medication and therapy. I urge you to be brave and reach out for help, like you did on this website. You could even print out what you posted here. I hope you can get a compassionate therapist to start you on the road to recovery. But even talking to your doctor would be a start. I just want to tell you, no matter how bad and hopeless everything seems right now, you CAN be able to feel better again. The sooner you seek treatment the sooner you can start feeling better. ((Hugs))

3399 days ago
It does indeed sound like you are depressed. Can you find a therapist to talk to about this, or a counselor?

I would at least talk to a doctor, family friend, or minister.