I'm a girl and since I was a child I have always felt EXTREMLY UNCOMFORTABLE around males of any age.I'm not only uncomfortable around males but I'm SCARED of males too.

I don't have any guy friend and have never had and nor do I want to.I only have females friends.I can't talk to males easily, and when they talk to me I find it much more difficult to respond than with females.I feel uncomfortable even around men from my family and the only man in this world that doesn't make me feel uncomfortale or scared is my father.I'M REALLY SCARED OF MEN.The very thought of being intimate with a man makes me terrified.I have never been sexually abused in any time of my life.
Maybe I feel uncomfortable around males because I was raised by grandmother and grew up almost completely surrounded by females only and my grandmother and the females that I live with always said for me not to be around men,not to trust men,not to speak with men frequently,they always said that I should avoid men and that there is no man in this world who is good they are always doing bad things to women.The females that I live with never let me be in a situation that I have to be around males.They think they are very dangerous to women.
I'm not so scared of gay men and I have had two gay guys as my friends and these are the only people of the male gender that I had as friends.In fact,I like it when a man is very feminine.
I'm 16 years old and I have never had a boyfriend and nor do I want to and I have never been in a intimate situation with any male,I have never kissed anyone in my life and I have never had any kind of sex with anyone in my life.

I really try to avoid any situation where I have to deal with males.When I'm in a place where there are many men I'll try to leave this place as soon as possible because being surrounded by males for me is TERRIFYING.I don't like when a guy moves,passes,stands behind me or by my side.
For some time now I have started to dislike and reject my own father only because he is a man.

If I have to be around males I try to be as arrogant and rude as I can with them.If a male comes to talk to me(it's extremly rare to happen because I really try and know how to avoid these kind of situations)I'll be very arrogant with him and I will ignore him all the time.
THOUGHTS THAT I HAVE DEVELOPED LATELY:I'm starting to dislike males and I don't think that their existence is important.I think that their existence is useless.Now that I'm a teenager and have a grown mind I tend to think that all males are rapists,childmolesters,perverts,aggressive,rude,violent,loutish,cheaters,unable to love(even fathers) and view females as inferior and dumb beings and only want to use females as sex slaves and housemaids.I can't help thinking this way about men.As since I was a child I feel uncomfortable around men and I'm scared of men,nowadays,as a teenager I'm starting to develop hate and disgustiness towards men too and this only worsen my way to deal with them.I WANT TO MAKE CLEAR THAT I HAVE ONLY DEVELOPED THESE THOUGHTS RECENTLY,I DIDN'T USE TO THINK LIKE THIS,BUT FOR ALL MY LIFE,SINCE I WAS I CHILD I HAVE ALWAYS FELT UNCOMFORTABLE AROUND MEN AND BECAUSE OF THAT I'M AUTOMATICALLY DEVELOPING HATE TOWARDS THEM NOW.MAYBE I SHOULD HAVE SEEN A THERAPIST BEFORE,WHEN I WAS A CHILD.

I'm starting to worry about that now because when I work I will have to deal with males and for me this is terrifying and just the thought that my boss could be a man is totally scary.

I'm not a lesbian and I have felt physically attracted to a few males celebrities before,but I have never felt attracted to any male that I know in my real life.
Could I Have Androphobia?


2939 days ago
I don't know if you have Androphobia. I think your feelings could be more, in the way you were raised and what was said to you. In your other posts you mention your dad. Do you live with him all the time or are do you visit him due to divorce? It's good for the women in your life to warn you about bad qualities but you can't judge all men the same way. I hope they're not over doing it and tainting your view of men in general. If you're concerned, then speak with a therapist or school counselor. Good luck.

2939 days ago
I live with my dad,my mother,my grandmother and my little sister.

I have always felt uncomfortable around men,since I was small child.

2938 days ago
Calling it androphobia isn't important. It's just a label. People don't HAVE labels, they have thought and behavioral patterns. So that's what we need to focus on: what's happening and how to do we deal with it best.

I think what happened is that you probably got freaked out by some guys, or even freaked out when you were around guys, and then started to associate guys with fear. Over time, I think you probably started over thinking everything (kind of like how you're now thinking all these new thoughts) and even got yourself more worked up. As you keep thinking and "practicing" fear, you feed it and it grows and grows and grows.

I think what you can do is pretend, even for a sec, that you've been playing a game with yourself this whole time. Like deep down, you know there's really nothing scary, and that you've just been pretending like guys are scary for fun or out of boredom. Pretend like this has all been a joke. Now, when you get scared around guys, that's okay. Just tell yourself that you're only PRETENDING to be scared on some level. Maybe you FEEL afraid, but deep know, it's a game you're amusing yourself with.

I know that might sound a little strange and unorthodox, but I really think it'll work. It's not going to make everything suddenly go away, but it'll push you in the right direction. After that, you can figure the rest out yourself, I believe, because I think you're a smart girl.

Will you try it out?

2936 days ago
((Myanni)) people who have such strong emotions regarding the topic you have sometimes find that they had a very negative experience around a male when they were young. It doesn't mean you were molested, it just means that something to you at that young age really affected you negatively. If you can find such an experience with the help of a therapist, you might find that it's a misconception from a child's viewpoint, and can move on to building healthy relationships with the male population.

Is there a counselor at school you can talk with, or a favorite teacher. Maybe read some books about why we fear or hate. You know this isn't "normal" behavior, thus your writing for help. It's affecting your entire life, and needs to be resolved, in my opinion. Fear is not a good thing. Keep asking adults for help until someone helps you. You're that important! (((hug)))

2312 days ago
Men are not him. They are other people. You control your body and you own it. You are free to give and get pleasure. You'll feel it when it gets time.

2072 days ago
Are you familiar with a generational curse? This happens when parents or other family says or does things that cause us to take the wrong path in life. For example if we are told we will never amount to anything as a child then we are end up in and out of work. Same thing if we are told not to trust men,they are bad. As a man(or woman) thinks so is he(or she). The power of life and death are in the tongue. Your grandmother told bad things about men in general. It's time you attacked the problem at the source. It's a pack of lies!

You are the only one that has the power to take the first step to toppling this stronghold on your life.

FEAR is False Evidence Appearing Real

Androphobia? hmmm call it what will. This doesn't have to run your life.

I don't know how close you are with your grandmother, father, or anyone.

Invite the Lord Jesus Christ in your life. He'll give you the victory!