My question is how do I stop getting so upset at my boyfriend for stupid things? And how do I stop getting so paranoid?

Hi well my name is Adriana and I been with my boyfriend for about a year and six months everything is going good over all we have our days when were really distant and others when were really close, but he calls me every night and we stay on the phone together he usually wakes me up. But I get mad just because he won't say "good night I love you baby" at times this usually happens when his really tired. How do I stop getting mad over it?

Also I get very upset when he doesn't reply to my text messages its like a pet peeve I have and then I start to get paranoid and start to think things in my head. Which I know he would never cheat on me but I can't help to think that it can happen guys are very vulnerable. How do I stop getting so paranoid and how do I get him to reply to me I've tried to explain it to him but it just doesn't work.


2827 days ago
I can give you an answer from experience. I'm the same way with my partner.

I've discovered that when I don't get the "I love you" at the end of a call, it's because she's really tired, not because she doesn't love me. Most of the time, I just take a deep breath, and say to myself... "She loves me, she's just really tired" or "She loves me, her back's just hurting right now" I keep saying it over and over again in my head while I take deep breaths.

With the texts.... Are you sure all of your texts are going through? I was really hurt because she wasn't answering me, then we figured out that sometimes our texts don't go through. In fact, this morning, I sent her 3 texts that she never got. If all of the messages are going through, then do the same thing that I said before. Deep breaths, and just keep reminding yourself that everything is ok.

Sometimes I try to do something to take my mind off the situation. If it's at night, I go ahead and go to sleep. If not, I get up and try to do something else.

Its very easy to let our emotions to be intertwined with and dependant on someone else, but I'm learning that you have to create your own happiness, and let others bring out and enhance that happiness.

I hope this helps you a little bit.


2827 days ago
Thank you very much joanie this really helped me ill make sure to take your advice into practice.

2827 days ago
Good advice from Justjoanoie - in addition to what Joanie said, I recommend you relax. Some men aren't crazy about phone calls and text messages. If you're less rigid, I bet he'll say and do these things on his own. Try not to worry and reassure yourself everything's fine.