To start off, let me just say that I'm a 15 year old girl. So, yes, it's probably natural for me to feel this way. However, sometimes it feels so bad I just can't handle it :/
2 months ago, my grandpa died. I was really torn about it because I was REALLY close to him :( He was like another father to me.
Ever since then, even the smallest things get me overly upset. Acording to my friends, I'm an emotinal person anyway. And by this, I mean if someone was to say that I had acne (which I used to, I don't anymore) I would close myself off and become depressed.
I can't really take any kind of critisizm and I HATE it. I'm aware I get upset over stupid things, but it makes it worse knowing I can't stop.
Today, this girl called me awkward. It kinda hurt because I was purposely trying not to be. She was joking, of course, but naturally I take things so seriously....
She says it's the way I sit or something . But she says it's not a bad thing or anything. Now, don't get me wrong, she is 99% joking. But I still get hurt.
I know I'm the awkward friend.
The friend who has never had a boyfriend or even her first kiss. But I never wanted to be that person. I always wanted to be the confident, beautiful person who doesn't give a **** about anything...
But I do.... and honestly it makes me more depressed to know that I'm the friend who everyone talks to about stuff. They never come to me to party or to have a good time,..... they come to talk. Now, I know talking is important and all... but.... It really sucks.
I know I'm overreacting......... But everytime something little happens, I seem to point out every flaw I have and become very VERY sad. I wouldn't say I was depressed...
Well, maybe I am...
I don't know.
:/ Should I get help......
But I do't want to talk to anybody....I feel stupid...
I dont know. Any advice...?


2288 days ago

honestly, it sounds like perhaps you have pent up grief and emotions over your grandpa's death, plus you seem to be a very sensitive person. I don't think anything you are describing is abnormal.

But I do find your choice of user name a bit of a concern? Do you feel suicidal?

2288 days ago
:/ Yeah, I've gotten the 'Sensitive' thing alot and I hate it :P

& No, not at all. It's just my favorite song :)

2287 days ago
Good that you don't feel suicidal :)

Being sensitive is not a bad long as you are not being hypersensitive.

Have you explored talents that you may have, or pursue some things that interest you. Things like art, writing and music etc can really boost your confidence in yourself and also provide a great outlet for pent up emotions.

Some people make jewelry, or clothes and find it so fulfilling. Lots of other ideas around too :)