I saw a child getting spanked by their parent that consisted of 2 swats with an open hand, and prior to that the child was begging the parent not to spank her, and I walked to my car and was shaking so bad that I could not get the key in the door of my car. I know in my mind that the spanking was not bad and was neede, but it creates great and excessive anxiety. Why is this so?


2999 days ago
Hi Rodney,

what you describe from your grandparents sounds more like physical abuse, than spanking.

I am wondering if you have suffered some kind of trauma from this severe form of discipline and when you saw that child being spanked it triggered some traumatic memories.

We are not professionals here, just volunteers who like reaching out to support others. So it is important that realise that a proper diagnosis should come from a professional.

I think it worth speaking to a therapist about what happened in your childhood and finding ways to deal with your anxiety around this.

I hope this helps.

2922 days ago
I don't believe it was needed or that it wasn't bad. Number 1 it shook you up enough to cause you problems, that's bad. Number 2 the little girl was begging for some pain to not happen to her body.

I'm the exact same way about anxiety. Instead,though, I want to rip the parents hands and arms off. In SOME countries what you saw is totally illegal. The United States lags far behind Europe on child care.

I say, stay away from psychiatrists on this one. The problem is them not you. psychiatrists will make the complete problem about you, that's how they make the most amount of money. Nobody did you wrong, you just don't know how to cope. It's nuts. They did something wrong. Your body knows the difference between right and wrong. Hitting a little girl is wrong.

2215 days ago
It's okay. Everybody sorta has a reaction to a child being spanked. Some people can even find it arousing. Some people have extreme anxiety because of a childhood memory that strikes their inner brain. It's a weird emotion to feel, of sadness, to witness a child being put into pain. Nobody reacts positively to that for the most part. Your brain has a natural reaction from your visionary glands passing on to your brain making you feel the emotions. It's just an emotion. Relax. Breathe and accept that that is a downfall of life to witness.