Why did I lie to my husband, I betrayed his trust and love. Even when I was caught I still tried to Lie! He gave me every opportunity while we were dating to tell him the truth, and I didn't tell him. I lied to his face and let him believe we were ok, that our love and relationship was solid. So why did I lie? I stayed in touch with past lovers, why?! I lied to him about how many past lovers I had, Why?! Now I've destroyed my marriage! I need help.


3024 days ago
Did you lie because you were worried about his reaction? When you say you stayed in touch with past lovers - do you mean you maintained a friendship with them or a romantic connection? I really don't think a person has to disclose how many lovers they've had. Is your husband controlling? I think your marriage can survive this as long as you haven't cheated. Even some marriages can survive that. He doesn't need to know every detail of your past.

3017 days ago
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